Photography and Why You May Want a Digital

If your just beginning to take your photography a bit more serious and maybe want to try your hand at making some money with your photography, you will want to look into getting a digital slr camera. SLR stands for single lens reflex, so you add the digital and you have the d-slr camera.

D-slr cameras can cost quite a bit more than a top line point and click camera, but if you are wanting to become the more serious photographer this will be one of the best investments that you will make. The second investment that you can make is taken the time to understand your camera completely. You would be amazed on what you can learn about photography by knowing how to use your camera.

You see the beauty of the digital slr is that you have the artistic control of the traditional slr and the convenience of digital files. When you use interchangeable lens you have the choice of both manual and automatic settings. This makes it easy to play around with the camera and see what is best for you and what you want.

To help you decide whether a digital slr camera is right for you I am going to show you a few reasons why you want to purchase a digital slr camera. The first of these reasons would be that the d-slr allows you to get the perfect lens for the perfect photo. Manufacturers have a very large variety of d-slr lenses. You can have zooms, super zooms, and even ultra wide angles. The list goes on, there is a lens for just about any type of photography that you can think of.

Another thing about the digital slr is the faster power up. The d-slr power up is almost instantly and this allows you to react quickly so that you do not miss what could be a once in a lifetime shot. This in itself is reason to go from the point and click camera to a d-slr camera. With the rapid frame rate you can take several pictures within a second. You can do this because the d-slr has a fast image processor and large buffer.

Now at the top of the list would be that you get better image quality. A digital image that is taken with the d-slr is almost always a lot better that a point and click, I mean a lot better. You have higher light sensitivities and some digital slr cameras have a mega pixel rating up to 16 mega pixels.

A few more things that I think you should know is that with the digital slr you have threw the lens viewing. With this you can get away from the sun on your screen and not being able to see what you are shooting. This also stands true for areas that are dimly lit. Also you easy access to controls with thumb and forefinger wheels that control feature exposure settings. This is real important when it comes to not missing a shot, you do not have to look for the control wheel that you want. And end up losing the shot.

Last but just as important as the rest of the others benefits to having the d-slr is that you have more creativity and flexibility with camera accessories. These accessories include external flashes, wireless transmitters, and even remote triggering devices. As with the lens the list goes on with way to many accessories for me to list here.